Who We Are

Oxford Gardens is a four-acre market farm, located near Niwot, Colorado, about 8 miles northeast of Boulder, Colorado.  Inspired by our passion for growing, and the strong demand in Boulder County for local, naturally grown produce, we team started vegetable production in February, 2007.

As we enter our fifth season, Oxford Gardens has built a solid reputation as a reliable source of high-quality, “hand-crafted” vegetables. We offer more than 30 different types of vegetables, and more than 100 varieties.

We sell to:

Our mission is to grow the highest quality vegetables for our customers, and to cultivate deep connections between the earth and the local community, and between urban and rural life.

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The Oxford Garden team includes:

  • The owners of our land, John and Felicity Brown
  • Peter Volz, founder and owner of Oxford Gardens
  • Katie Church
  • Jon Pearson

Together, the Oxford Gardens team brings 75 years of agricultural and horticultural experience to our work in the field. Inspired by our love for the earth, and its many wondrous fruits, we take enormous joy and pride in our enterprise. In our work, we nurture and celebrate the sanity and health that comes from connecting with the natural world.

At Oxford Gardens, we are land stewards and protectors. We grow living, vibrant food from our biologically active and mineral-rich soil. We are naturally blessed by a rich, sandy loam soil, with strong organic content and an excellent soil structure.

Due to our meticulous and sustained land management policies and soil enrichment program, our soil is some of the finest for vegetable production in Boulder County. The quality, appearance and nutritional value of our vegetables come directly from this unrelenting concern for the health of our soil.

A Chinese saying sums up our approach to growing: “A bad farmer grows weeds. A good farmer grows crops. But the best farmer grows soil.” We believe that consistent attention to the quality and health of our soil is the single most important factor in the long-term success and sustainability of Oxford Gardens.

With our focus on healthy and vital soil, insect, pest and weed pressures are reduced, and we live up to our lofty standards for visually appealing, tasty and nutritious produce.  In addition, we give special care and attention to post-harvest handling, a key factor in the presentation of attractive and appealing vegetables.

Our operation is not certified organic, although we generally follow those practices and do not use pesticides or chemical sprays of any kind.

We provide opportunities for volunteers to work with us in the field for folks who like to get their hands dirty


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