Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

The Oxford Garden team invites you to join our farm and connect with the land and the people who grow your food by becoming one of our CSA members.

What is a CSA?

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program) creates a direct relationship, a partnership, between you and our farm, and between the consumption and production of food.  This is a mutually beneficial arrangement, where in exchange for your commitment to buy a share in our farm’s harvest, we commit to grow exceptionally high quality vegetables and herbs and provide a bountiful portion of it to you during the peak of the growing season.

When you become a member of our CSA program you will receive a weekly share of fresh, naturally grown, in-season produce, a weekly electronic newsletter, recipes and invitations to special farm events.

Your membership helps us pay for seeds, water, equipment maintenance, labor, and supplies. Becoming a CSA member fosters responsible relationships between the food you eat, the land on which it is grown and those who grow it.

Oxford Gardens is located on Oxford Road, a mile or so past the center of Niwot, in Boulder County. It is tucked behind a row of trees and quietly surveys Long’s Peak and the stunning mountains of the Front Range.


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